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Use cases

We built WooCommerce order builder with flexibility in mind in the aim of covering a variety of use-cases with the same interface and logic. Examples of possible use-cases include:

  •  Restaurant menu’s or dishes customization (pizzas, burgers, hot-dogs, pasta, soup, coffee, birthday cakes, sandwich,…);
  • Gift Boxes (vintage products, local food products, cosmetic kits,…);
  • Packs for Photographers (machine + lenses + filters + bags + memory cards,…);
  • Customized PCs or laptops (screen res/size, disk capacity, RAM, Graphic card,…);
  • Software Bundles (Base software + different modules);
  • Travel Bundles (place + trip + hotel + how many adults + how many child + other extras);
  • Furniture (bedroom furniture, kitchen gadgets,…);
  • Real Estate (house configuration, localization, number of rooms, WCs,…);

The above points are just for demonstration, they’re by no mean an exhaustive list of use-cases.