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Styling options

You can find styling options under Products > WWOB Settings > Styling Options, the options page looks like this:

Here is an explanation of each option:

  • Primary Color and secondary Color are self explanatory. The main colors product page will be using to display different elements (label, description, calculator product names and total price).
  • Items Container Background: The example below shows items container using  background color #1c0055.

  • Items Background:  The example below shows items using  background color #03d99d.

  • Items Text Color: The example below shows items text using the color #ffffff.

  • Label Color and Description Color:

  • Container Padding:

  • Sticky-bar Background:

  • Sticky-bar Heading Color | Sticky-bar Heading Background:

  • Sticky-bar Top Position

  • Button Text Color | Button Hover Text Color: This represent the default color of add to cart text and it’s color on mouse-over.
  • Button Background Color | Button Hover Background Color: This represent the default background color of add to cart button and background color on mouse-over.