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    still the same problem on version 1.0.5 I have the following message on Locotranslate

    Missing model
    This package does not define a translation model.

    Can not translate to Poedit.

    Try translating from your side with the free LocoTranslate plugin or the Poedit paid software, you’ll see it’s impossible

    Ali Khallad

    Can you take a screenshot?


    I can not send you the file.

    This is what the message says about Poedit:

    Failed to fetch WordPress information.

    • The “WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader” extension is not ready for localization.

      Please send an email to help@poedit.net so we can fix this problem.

    And if I click on see the log :

    Veuillez envoyer ce log par e-mail à help@poedit.net. Merci !
    *** Please attach a ZIP with the plugin/theme folder. ***

    WordPress error: L’extension « WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader » n’est pas prête pour la localisation.
    Name: ‘WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader’

    Analyzing WP directory /Users/Sanchez/Downloads/wpali-wc-drag-drop-uploader
    not theme – lacks style.css
    in /Users/Sanchez/Downloads/wpali-wc-drag-drop-uploader/wpali-wc-drag-drop-uploader.php: header « Plugin Name » = « WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader »
    /Users/Sanchez/Downloads/wpali-wc-drag-drop-uploader/wpali-wc-drag-drop-uploader.php is the main plugin file
    in /Users/Sanchez/Downloads/wpali-wc-drag-drop-uploader/wpali-wc-drag-drop-uploader.php: header « Text Domain » = « wpali-wc-drag-drop-uploader »
    no load_plugin_textdomain call and lacking metadata
    some work is probably required to make the PHP code localization-ready
    see https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/internationalization/how-to-internationalize-your-plugin/

    I managed to force on Loco Translate but the translation is not displayed.

    I would like to be able to translate what the customer sees in French



    Please use a translation tool such as Poedit.

    I do not ask you to do the translation but by testing, you will see that there is a problem.

    Best regards,


    Ali Khallad

    Move the translation files to this location: /wp-content/languages/loco/plugins (there is an option for that in loco)

    then add this code to your child theme functions.php

     * Load plugin textdomain.
    add_action( 'init', 'wcdragndrop_load_textdomain' );
    function wcdragndrop_load_textdomain() {
    	$path = ABSPATH  . '/wp-content/languages/loco/plugins';
      load_plugin_textdomain( 'wpali-wc-drag-drop-uploader', false, $path );

    This is test and working, so please make sure you use the exact code + the path shared above to save the translation files.



    I followed your path but it stops in “languages”.

    Files “Loco” and “Plugins” were not found.

    I managed to create my translation file in French from the folder of your application on my FTP server.

    However, it does not apply.

    With the other authors it’s very simple, I take the pluglin and I translate it with Poedit before putting it on my site in .zip

    Can you find a solution?

    Normally it is simple, I have never had problems.

    Best regards

    Ali Khallad

    You haven’t created a template file in that directory. Anyway, I have added the code and template file in the plugin, now it should work directly as any other plugin.

    Please make sure to install latest version 1.0.6


    Thank you, actually the translation of the plugin works normally.

    But with all that happened before this one does apply.

    How much do you charge to solve this problem?

    Ali Khallad

    Good to hear it works for you, this is free of charge.
    If you need custom work use the custom work button at the top or reach out via contact form.


    Sorry, I did not express myself well.

    Yes I can translate the plugin and I did it.

    No the translation does not appear.

    I just want to posted in French “Drop Images Here, Or Browse …”

    I think this is due to the problem with the translation file.

    That’s why I asked you if you can fix directly on my site.

    Ali Khallad

    Ok, can you share login details here: support@wpali.com

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